Badge ImageWhy host with us?

Here's why:

• Computers are great, but humans are better.

You are more than just a customer number to us. We believe in giving professional,
individualized customer service - and we prefer to do this by phone. Despite all the
advancements in technology, we know that person-to-person contact is still
the most
efficient and effective way to get things done. To that end, we answer
our phone. We
don't hide behind chat, email or online forms, although those
methods are available
if you prefer to contact us that way.

• Not all data centers are the same.

We've partnered with Hurricane Electric, recognized as one of the best internet
backbone providers in the world. We've been using Hurricane for the past 20 years
and we've been very happy with them! They offer a reliably designed worldwide
network with over 230 pops in major data centers around the world. They are
the No. 1 IPv4 adjacency provider and the No. 1 IPv6 adjacency provider
the world.

• We're flexible and easy to deal with.

We don't believe in locking customers into contracts that limit their ability to grow
or adjust services. Our goal is to craft custom solutions that will meet your needs.

• Competitive pricing.

Our focus is on providing the best value to the customer. We do that by being
innovative. We don't just provide what every other hosting company does big
or small. We have a unique approach to shared hosting.

• Experienced and knowledgeable support technicians.

Our technicians have years of experience servicing and configuring servers.
We have the experience.

• No gimmicks. No hidden fees. No surprises.

We believe in being up-front and honest with our customers, because that's what we
demand when we're the customer. We don't have meaningless names for our support
program. We don't make promises we can't keep. We want you to get to know us -
that's the best way for you to know that you are getting the best hosting services
for your business.

• Small-company approach, big network.

With you get the best of both worlds - a small-company approach to
customer service, that's friendly and easy to deal with AND a huge reliable network
that will easily meet all of your needs, now and into the future.

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Why Us?

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