Badge ImageFremont 1 - Facility Tour

Hurricane Electric
760 Mission Court
Fremont, CA 94539

The data center floor is truly massive. It is a bit more than half of a football field.

Racks ready for your business to move in.

Cabinets at Fremont 1 are standard depth.

Work carts are provided with monitor, keyboard and step stool/seat.

Each rack comes with corner posts for easy installation.

Cool air is forced into the bottom of each rack from the raised flooring.

Cooling fan to exhaust heated air from the cabinet

Power conditioners are placed at the end of each row.

Racks and Air Conditioners.

Air Conditioner closeup.

Fire suppression systems are available if ever needed.

Security cameras watch every part of the data center row by row.

Batteries for power backup before generators kick in.

Diesel powered generators come online during any power interruption.

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Fremont 1 - Tour