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Our privacy policy is simple and straight-forward. We don’t share or sell your information to unaffiliated third parties. We do however retain information given by you for purposes of billing, promotions and contacting you about issues directly affecting you and your server, website or pocketbook (i.e. if we have a promotion that may save you money on additional services).

We may under rare circumstances allow affiliates that are directly connected with to make you aware of products and/or services that we feel will be to your benefit. If you do not want to be contacted about special offers or be updated on additional services that we will be offering, you may opt-out of these notices.

We promise that we will not flood you with email.

We do however reserve the right to notify you of service

conditions that may affect your server or website or other services with us. Equipment upgrades and maintenance of servers are the majority of these types of notices.

Your privacy is important. will not release information to any government agency without a court order. is only responsible for information that you have submitted to us directly.

For more information on specific issues of concern please contact us using our Quick Message form in the Contact Us area or call us at (408) 253-8500.

Rev. 12/2021

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